Extreme Celebrity Diets: Request-Do Not Repeat

Legends of the XX century resorted to truly exotic measures to lose weight.

These include:

  • consumption of 8,000 calories a day
  • swallowing tapeworms
  • other techniques that are better not to repeat.

In our century, the obsession with a healthy lifestyle became quite normal.

Celebrities and fitness bloggers promote traditional ways to lose weight and stay in shape:

Extreme Diets

  • proper nutrition
  • regular exercise
  • no solarium.

And that’s the whole secret.

In the past, when the world was not yet covered by the wave of wellness, and Jane Fonda has not yet turned aerobics into a common hobby, the stars often resorted to insane and dangerous methods to keep themselves in shape.

Maria Callas: Tapeworms

The method was popular in the 1940s and involved swallowing of a living worm, which was supposed to take away some of the person’s nutrients. It was believed that this leads to weight loss.

The method is primarily associated with the opera singer Maria Callas, the owner of a luxurious soprano and a weight of 175 kg. At the beginning of her career in 1947, the diva was completely satisfied with her parameters (even though nowadays she would be diagnosed with obesity). At that time, the opera singers were quite corpulent, so her figure was not surprising.

Everything was fine until Callas met the director Luchino Visconti, who refused to work with her until she dropped at least 30 kg. At that moment, Callas was determined to lose weight fast.

“I was so heavy that even my voice became heavy. I was tired of myself, my breath was getting disordered, and it became very difficult to work,” the diva admitted in an interview with the English conductor Edward Downes.

The singer lost more than 40 kg in just one year, and rumors began circulating in society that she resorted to tapeworms’ assistance. But Callas herself denies everything.

Nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot says that tapeworms, which are still popular in Mexico, are seriously injurious to health. Consuming raw meat infected with a worm can lead to cysticercosis.

This disease affects the nervous system and can lead to paralysis. In addition, tapeworms disrupt the functioning of the intestine and prevent the food absorption.

Marilyn Monroe: Raw Eggs With Milk

Milk and eggs

In the mid-1950s, women with curves were considered the standard of beauty. But this did not stop them from resorting to extreme weight loss diets.

This misfortune did not bypass the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, who already weighed 53 kg with a height of 166 cm. In 1952, it became known what the actress’ diet included. For breakfast, Monroe drank a glass of milk, whipped with raw eggs.

I doubt that any doctor could name more nutritious and nurturing food for a girl, who is always in a hurry,” Monroe said.

Such a diet threatens with serious consequences, warns Zuckerbrot.

Raw eggs can be infected with:

  • salmonella
  • causative agents of typhoid fever
  • pathogens of other intestinal diseases.

Eggs are better cooked. This does not affect their caloric value.

For dinner, Monroe preferred cooked liver and raw vegetables, with a special love to carrots. In addition, she often indulged in ice cream. In those days, California ice cream was famous for its huge fat content – about 22%, which is rarely found in modern varieties.

Nevertheless, despite the consumption of sweets, the waist of the actress did not exceed 60 cm. Perhaps, it was due to the 10-minute daily trainings. Every morning, she lifted 2-kg dumbbells for 15 minutes, until she was tired.

“I can not stand exercise. I have never was a fan of sports and have no desire to learn playing tennis, golf or swimming. I prefer to leave these things to men,” said the actress.

Elvis Presley: Sandwiches With Peanut Butter And Bacon Of 8000 Calories

In the 1960s, graceful physique was popular among men. Simply refresh your memory on how 70-kg Paul McCartney looked like. Elvis Presley also had an enviable figure: with a height of 190 cm, he weighed about 76 kg. But problems with drugs and unhealthy food led to the fact that he gained 50 kg.

Presley loved to eat and his nutrition was difficult to call healthy at the same time. His breakfast was:

1. homemade cookies
2. hot dogs
3. fried eggs
4. bacon.

His home cook Marie Jenkins, in the documentary about Presley (1995), revealed the recipe for his favorite sandwich:

  • two toasts
  • a banana
  • fried bacon
  • a huge serving of peanut butter.

SANDWICHES WITH PEANUT BUTTER AND BACONSometimes, Presley allowed himself variations: he could eat loaf of bread with a jar of peanut butter, a can of grape jam and added a pound of bacon to it in a single meal. Such sandwich contained about 8,000 kilocalories, that is, about a three-day norm for a man!

Presley diet was as ridiculous, as it was popular. Some dishes were even named after him. For example, Elvis Presley meat balls – minced meat, wrapped in bacon and fried in oil – have become a favorite treat all over the country.

Besides the endless consumption of calories, Presley was a fan of the “Sleeping Beauty” regime. It was assumed that the amount of sleep directly affects weight loss. So, the King of rock ‘n’ roll sometimes slept three days in a row, so that not to eat and fit into his brand-name overalls.

Such habits in combination with drug addiction led to:

Liver disorders
Enlargement of the large intestine.

The day before his death, Presley surprised the housekeeper very much by saying that he was not hungry.

Elizabeth Taylor: Steaks With Peanut Butter And Cottage Cheese With Sour Cream

Steaks With Peanut Butter And Cottage Cheese With Sour CreamElizabeth Taylor has always been a role model, but in the last 20 years of her life, when the an injury cuffed her to bed, she weighed about 80 kg. At this time, she got addicted to fried chicken and various desserts.

For breakfast, she preferred fried eggs, bacon and “Mimosas”. Her other favorite treat was a French baguette, which she stuffed with bacon and peanut butter. After the seventh marriage, Taylor decided to seriously take up her nutrition, and immediately resorted to radical measures.

She ate nothing but:

  • cottage cheese with sour cream for breakfast
  • steak with peanut butter for dinner.

She included her absurd recipes in detail in the book ‘Elizabeth Takes Off’.

Today, many resort to a mono-diet, but Dr. Zuckerbrot does not recommend the exclusion of certain foods from the diet, especially if you want to lose weight.

It is very important to eat foods high in fiber, like:

  • almonds
  • whole wheat bread
  • apricots
  • corn.

Fiber helps to lower cholesterol, maintains satiety and reduces the risk of cancer.