Why is it harder for women to lose weight then for men?

men and women weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, women have to face more difficulties, than men. In view of their physiology, they are simply grounded for energy storage and are designed for carrying and feeding a child.

Women have low testosterone levels, low sensitivity to insulin, fewer mitochondria in muscle fibers, than men have. In general, they have much less muscle mass, which results into a lower metabolism.


A very important role is played by the menstrual cycle, which must be taken into account to develop proper training and nutrition schedule.

Nature dictates its conditions to us, and it is pointless to struggle with it, and, in fact, not necessary. You only need to take into account certain features and adapt to them.


Let’s analyze in detail some features of female physiology. And the first thing you should pay attention to is the menstrual cycle.

Here, the primary role is played by the alternation of the hormonal profile:

  • a rapid increase in the level of estradiol in the last days of menstruation,
  • its stably high level before the ovulation,
  • almost complete absence of progesterone production in the follicular phase.
  • after the ovulation, a subsequent decline in estradiol level and a sharp rise in progesterone level with
  • its further sharp decrease before menstruation in the luteal phase of the cycle.

Then, comes the beginning of a new cycle, as well as the beginning of menstruation.

It is these alternating jumps of estradiol and progesterone that change the physiology and psychology of a woman.


Let’s take a closer look at the functions of these hormones.

Estradiol is one of 3 kinds of estrogens, i.e. steroid female sex hormones. It is the main and most active of them, and it increases the elasticity of bones and the thyroid gland activity.

  • the overall energy increases,
  • the amount of adipose tissue decreases,
  • the concentration of cholesterol and low density lipoproteins (LDL – “bad” cholesterol) in the blood decreases,
  • the supply of blood to the brain increases.

Estradiol formula

It also increases the protection of the myocardium from various kinds of ischemic factors. And this is only a small part of the functions that estradiol is responsible for.

Estradiol for a woman is like testosterone for a man

Everything is not so bright and colorful, when it comes to progesterone. Progesterone, on the contrary, increases the amount of adipose tissue due to increased sensitivity to insulin, while reducing the sensitivity to insulin of other tissues (muscle).

It enhances the breakdown of proteins (muscles) and increases the blood glucose level. All this increases the food motivation. In addition, it relaxes the ligaments and lowers the overall muscle tone.


In addition to physiology, the women’s psyche is also subject to change. For this period, the greatest number of cavings occur, especially during the PMS period, which is due to a sharp drop in progesterone secretion on the eve of menstruation.


Emotional disorders very often (about 80% of cases) contribute to breakdowns. As strange as it may seem, a diet can contribute to an increase in PMS symptoms, in particular because of psychological effects.

Therefore, it is highly not recommended to observe strict restrictions that your diet dictates, during PMS. It is better to take a short break in the diet, then to continue fighting extra kilograms with new forces.